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We believe real fitness results require a real relationship with a Coach that will create a set of goals WITH you.  And then they'll hold you accountable, provide safe and effective workouts, ensure proper nutritional support, and connect you with the BEST fitness community in Memphis.  What's not to like?  Just follow these 3 Simple Steps below...

Step 1

Schedule your "No Sweat Intro" by clicking


Schedule the perfect day and time to come into the gym. You’ll meet with our program director for a 1 on 1 consultation. We make this super simple, dont sweat it.


Step 2

Come in: Tell Us About Your Goals

We’ll learn all about you, and you’ll learn all about us. We’ll discuss the Transformation Program that makes the most sense based on YOUR goals.  

Step 3

Get Started: Start Your Journey

Once we’ve put together the perfect Transformation Program for YOU, we’ll introduce you to your Transformation Coach who will be with you every step of the way. Together, you’ll get results... quickly!

Everything you need to stay focused and committed to being the best you!




1:1 With A Fitness Coach 

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, a Coach is your key to success! Our EMAC Fitness coaches are all certified personal trainers that are results driven. They will personalize your sessions to meet YOUR needs and fitness goals. All levels are welcome!

Working With A TEAM 

Semi-Private and Small Group Training

Groups of 5 or less, 30 Minute Funtional Training. You can particpate in any of our scheduled sessions, or create a small group of your own with friends, family, and co-workers. Our Small Group Memberships also include unlimited Bungee Fitness Classes. 

TEAM Training

Groups of 12 or less, 45 Minute Functional Fitness and HIIT Training Format Classes:  Bootcamp Classes, Afterburn Classes, and Strength Classes.  Always fresh, always different, always unique!

Group Fitness Classes

 Body Pump, Body Step, Yoga, Spinning, Body Combat, and Body Balance

Open Gym 

Olympic Lifting & Power Lifting

Free Weights

Plate Loaded Machines

Selectorized Strength Circuits

Crossfit Equipment

Cardio Options

Turf Area


Come on by and SEE FOR YOURSELF!

CLICK this link to set up a time to visit us and talk with us about a program that will work for YOU!  We can't wait to meet you and hear about your goals. We got you😊. ➡️



Goal Driven. Results Driven. 

Community Matters

We do what we do for YOU - our East Memphis Communitycommunity. If you have been looking for an inclusive gym that sees members at every level, then you have found the right place for you. We're a positive, diverse, and passionate fitness community. Our members range from novice to world class athletes. Our memberships are designed to build healthy habits that last.  

We would love to have you come by and check us out!

We created our FOCUS membership with YOU in mind. Our coaches will create a workout plan that fits your style. They will be your accountability partner, nutrition support, and make sure you are part of the best fitness community. Life is busy. It's time to take care of YOU and recharge, release, and have fun. ​ That's why we offer a number of different Programs and Services to optimize a Program that best fits YOUR Lifestyle. Just show up, and our coaches will guide you through the rest!

Private Coaching

Our Coaches make the difference. If you want to gain lean muscle, increase balance and mobility, lose body fat, recover from an injury, create healthy habits, or train for a specific sport, our Coaches focus exactly on what YOU need while keeping a close eye on your progress. They will adjust your program as needed to ensure you maintain your momentum and reach your goals.

Group Workouts

Small Group Training, Semi-Private Training, TEAM Bootcamp, TEAM Strength, BUNGEE Classes, Spinning, Yoga, Body Pump, Body Step, Body Combat, and more are all at your disposal so you can burn a ton of calories each week while never seeing the same workout twice.  Who said Fitness couldn't also be FUN!


Nutrtion matters! How you fuel your body has a direct impact on your energy level, your ability to crush your fitness goals, and your overall mood. Our Registered Dietian and Coaches are here to guide you in creating healthy habits that allow you to include food filled with nutrients, to eat mindfully, and love your diet.  

A Nutrition Plan + a Fitness Plan = SUCCESS!

You may be wondering "Why DOES EMAC's FOCUS program WORK so well?"

because it is 100% personalized, Goal Driven, and Results Driven.


with Certified Personal Trainers

Our trainers are all certified. In addition, many hold multiple certifications and degrees in Exercise Science, Health Management, Nutrition, Injury Recovery, and Physical Therapy.

TailOred Workouts 

Designed for YOU and YOUR goals. No "cookie cutter" programs here!


Accountability & Coaching 

Nutrition support - Weekly Workout Programming - Motivation

Monthly Program Progress Analysis (Inbody Scans)



Conditioning. Change. Habits. 

SO WHAT IS "The EMAC Difference"?


Check out what our members say about us🎉

The FOCUS Program at East Memphis Athletic Club is the best investment you can make in your health and wellness. Whatever the healthy version of you is that you envision, whether it's wearing clothes you haven’t worn in years, being able to keep up with your kids, or performing better in your relationships, personal and professional, the FOCUS Transformation program will get you there. The dedicated trainers in this program truly care about your progress and that is the thing that I appreciate the most and what keeps me committed to the process. ~Tanei Ricks


The FOCUS Program encourages and motivates me to work on my overall health. I have seen incredible progress in my physical and mental strength due to the support from this program. I am more confident as a result.  ~Marbeth Roberts


My experience with the FOCUS program at EMAC was fantastic. I highly recommend this program for any new members or people interested in improving their fitness routine and habits. When I was first brought in to map out my training program, I could tell the staff wanted me to get the most out of this experience. They were able to incorporate strength, cardio, and even yoga workouts in my program. I worked with Josh during the course of these 3 months, and he couldn’t have been a better trainer. Every day he held me accountable for getting my workout in. Whether I was feeling motivated that day or not, Josh made sure I stuck with the program. He would even send me workouts when I was out of town. You can tell Josh genuinely cares about his clients. That is why I continue to attend his Small Group classes today. Overall, I feel very satisfied with the progress I made during this program. Not only was I able to meet my fitness goals, but I can also now apply what I learned to my routine going forward.

~ Michael Brasher 


I loved having the added component of a Coach. Not only for accountability, but also for comfortability with the gym. I needed help getting back into a healthy lifestyle, and that's exactly what I got, assistance in and out of the gym. My EMAC FOCUS Coach checked in with me weekly and kept me on track to lose my goal of 20 pounds!

~ Remington Hampton


I signed up for FOCUS because, despite a pretty regular workout routine, I was just not seeing the progress that I wanted. I loved that the FOCUS program was tailored specifically to my own personal goals for nutrition, weight and fat loss, and improved fitness, and that I had someone there to offer support and accountability along the way. Now, I have met my weight loss goal, and crushed my goals for improved muscle mass, fat loss, and fitness; more than that though, I feel confident that I can continue these habits into the future. I've been a member of EMAC since the very beginning and love the feeling of community that exists here. It matters to me that people here know my name and keep me accountable. 

~Michelle Hope


We love EMAC! While other gyms I’ve worked out in can feel intimidating and competitive, I felt welcomed and supported here from Day 1. The group fitness instructors learned my name, are super knowledgeable, and are willing to stay after classes to help and answer questions- but my favorite part is how they celebrate us when we get a great workout at our individual fitness levels. Their support keeps me coming back for more!

~Sara Shaw


I'm so grateful for the staff and members of EMAC. I love the flexibility that EMAC provides. The instructors and owners challenge and encourage me consistently. I have enjoyed many new friendships because of EMAC! It is my physical and mental therapy!
~ Kelley Aur


I love the convenience, cleanliness, and friendliness of both staff and fellow members of EMAC. I look forward to going to the classes, as well as working out on my own! 

~Jennifer Atkins


What I love about the FOCUS Program is the support and accountability. My coach tailored the program for my needs, even developing home/hotel workouts for me when I traveled. I’m much stronger and healthier, and I’ve learned how to get back on track when “life” gets in the way.

~ Sarah Bourland 


We'd love to add YOUR success to these testimonials!  Just click the link below to set up a time to come by and chat with us.  



Everything you love about a locally owned Memphis Fitness Club: Amazing Coaches, Fun Workouts, Great Equipment, Wonderful people, and Local Management who care!



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